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140,000,000,000. This is the approximate number of garments produced each year in the world. Our problem ? The process of the production line that will never stop producing large quantities of clothes that will eventually be thrown away or even burned. Our solution? Exclusive collections produced in very small quantities. Collections where each product will be different and adjustable to the person who will adopt our creations.


Does the fashion industry need a new brand? Honestly, no. So why does Atelier Mobleu exist? To answer a problem. Our goal is to consciously create sustainable and accessible products that will be useful, creative and upcycled. By rethinking our designs and reusing existing materials, we want to positively reduce the impact of the fashion industry on our small scale.


What is Atelier Mobleu? Freedom of movement, linear graphics, comfortable materials, easy to wear products and spontaneity. Atelier Mobleu is not a clothing brand like the others, it's an idea, a type of design, a commitment, a casual collaboration between you and us.

Buy consciously. Care gently. Love it. It means: buy less, reuse and recycle your clothes for a better environment . If you want more backstage ? or content on ethical and eco-conscious fashion? Do not hesitate to follow us on Instagram: @ateliermobleu.porto . If you are interested in partnerships or collaborations, take a look at our designer's portfolio by clicking on the button below.